About Yoga-Li

About Yoga-Li

All my life I have had a strong relationship with nature where I have always found the way to balance and recovery. Two types of nature are closest to my heart; the Ligurian and the Northern Värmland as these both represent roots that anchor me back to different parts of my life and my history.

My relationship with Yoga began many years ago but was radically strengthened during some very challenging years when I had cancer. Yoga then showed me what an irreplaceable tool it is to hold on to for both body and soul during all phases of life. Therefore, when I recovered, I decided to train myself to be able to pass on this amazing tradition to others. In addition to my regular work in the technology industry, I devoted three years to intensive yoga studies, which gave me an internationally certified Yoga teacher degree and led me to create Yoga-Li. We have been receiving groups in Liguria since 2019.

To help me I have Mats who has been my mainstay and life partner for 28 years. He assists with all ground service during Yoga-Li’s events. He will also join us during the hikes to be on hand if needed.

To help with the high altitude hikes I have my friend Lorenzo Gariano. He was born and raised in Liguria but has lived in the UK for over 20 years and thus speaks fluent English. He has an adventurous mind, lots of humor and great care for all guests. Lorenzo is a very experienced mountain guide and is one of those who climbed “the seven summits of the world”, including Mount Everest.