Yoga and hiking
in Liguria


One meaning of the word yoga is “to unite”, to unite body, soul and mind. Yoga is also about becoming more focused and present – being here and now.


The yoga we practice is classical yoga in a tradition of T Krishnamacharya. It covers all aspects of Yoga: physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and the philosophy of yoga. We adapt the exercises, as far as possible, to the needs of the group and the individual both physically and mentally.

We have two classes / day: Morning yoga that opens up and gives energy, later in the day with more focus on stretch, relaxation and recovery. Parts of the trekking will be done in silence, you get space to reflect on where you stand in life or simply open your mind to take in the magnificent nature.


Earlier in human history, we have lived more in symbiosis with nature than we do today. We need now to find a way back to take advantage of the power that nature offers in order to achieve well-being in life.


In addition to the positive mental impact, studies show that nature can also have an effect on lowering blood pressure, reducing stress hormone levels and activating cells in the immune system.

By being in nature with an open mind; take in sounds, lights, scents and combine it with the use of yoga as a tool, we can learn to be more in the present and, through that, gain fantastic health benefits. Nature affects us and we can recover through it.


The hikings take place in a fabulously beautiful nature in the Ligurian mountains, fantastic environments and breathtaking views with different experiences every day.


We hike with stops for yoga practice on alpine meadows or in chestnut forests and you will also get the opportunity to cool off in the emerald green freshwater lagoons and in waterfalls. We walk between 2-6 hours a day.

One of the days our target is to reach a summit of one of the higher peaks in Liguria; about 2500 m above sea level. The hike and ascent will take about 8-9 hours and be performed at a calm but steady pace. It is enough that you have a normal good basic condition to cope with the ascent. If you instead feel the need to take it easy this day, you can choose to stop at the alpine station and take shorter walks in a fantastic environment.

Food & Wine and Culture

You will feel the wings of history throughout the journey. We meet medieval villages and historical monuments and we will tell you about events and legends connected to the environments we bring you to.

Food & Wine and Culture

An important piece of Italian culture is of course also the food and the wine. In addition to enjoying the good and healthy Ligurian food, you are also offered the genuine experience of tasting the fresh Ligurian white wine at one of the village’s wine producers, our friends Tiziana and Enrico, who will also give you a guided tour in there vineyards.

The Ligurian cuisine is largely based on vegetables and seafood. It is always important to use locally produced ingredients and the local olive oil is used for all cooking. Each city has its own food culture.

For a couple of days we stay in Piedmont where the kitchen, due to the slightly colder climate, is very different from the Ligurian. Here the food is traditionally a little bit more heavy and you are served more meat, cheeses and red wine.


In Poggi you will be accommodated in characteristically and traditionally furnished apartments in a medieval village house, next door to our house.


You stay 2-4 persons in each apartment, ie 2 persons/room and all have access to a garden/terrace or balcony with a nice view of the sea or the village. In each apartment your find an equipped kitchen and bathroom as well as bed linen and towels. This village house is directly adjacent to our backyard where you will be served both breakfast and dinner under the pergola.

During the hike in Piedmont (1-2 nights) we stay in a mountain cabin (rifugio) at 1000 m altitude. Here you sleep in bunk beds 4-12 persons/room. Shared breakfast and dinner are served, weather permitting, on the refuge’s cozy patio overlooking the mountain peaks or indoors at slightly cooler temperatures.

Travel information


• Location: Poggi Imperia, Liguria (50 minutes drive from Nice airport), Chionea, Piedmont (one hour drive from Poggi)

• Price: EUR 900 per person excluding flights. Registration fee: EUR 100, non-refundable Final payment 2 weeks before departure date

• The trip is covered by travel guarantee insurance

• Limited number of places (10)

• Flight: Booked individually to / from Nice

• Yoga teacher: Magdalena Falcini Jensen

• Hiking guide: Lorenzo Gariano

This is included in the price

• Transfer to and from Nice Airport. Pick up at approx. 18 arrival day and departure approx. 12 departure day

• 4-day hikes, two of which with an experienced mountain guide in an alpine environment.

• Part of a double room in Poggi and a dormitory during the alpine hikes

• 6 days with full board in addition to a lunch at a restaurant during “free activity day” which is paid for individually according to your own choice. Lunch bag for lunch during two hiking days

• 2-3 yoga sessions / day with teaching by a certified yoga teacher

• Wine tasting

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