Exposing balance
in life

Balance in life

Everything in our nature is based on balance. We are a part of nature and, like everything else, we need to strive for balance to achieve well-being in life.

Yoga and hiking in Liguria


With my travels, I want to offer a holistic experience consisting of different things that give me energy and balance in life. In addition to yoga and the fantastic nature, you will also experience the Italian culture from the historical environments that you will meet and, last but not least, the fantastic food and wine that you will taste from both Liguria and Piedmont.


The yoga we practice is classical yoga in a tradition of T Krishnamacharya. It covers all aspects of Yoga: physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and the philosophy of yoga. We adapt the exercises, as far as possible, to the needs of the group and the individual both physically and mentally.


By being in nature with an open mind; take in sounds, lights, scents and combine it with the use of yoga as a tool, we can learn to be more in the present and, through that, gain fantastic health benefits. Nature affects us and we can recover through it.

Culinary experience

You will feel the wings of history throughout the journey. We meet medieval villages and historical monuments and we will tell you about events and legends connected to the environments we bring you to. An important piece of Italian culture is of course also the food and the wine.


Liguria, with its dramatic mountains sloping into the turquoise Mediterranean, includes everything from flowering Mediterranean flora and fragrant herbs to snow-capped Alps and historic environments.

Here is Poggi, a small medieval mountain village, surrounded by olive groves, overlooking the Mediterranean, within walking distance to beautiful beaches and with the Ligurian Alps in the background. This is base point for a week in the spirit of Yoga and Nature.